Although many people tink of me as a wedding DJ because they used me for their own wedding or saw me at one of their friend’s wedding.  I will also DJ just about anything else private or public.  From small back yard weddings, to international corporate parties or events.  Even house parties with your close friends to large dance clubs.  The first event that I was a DJ at was Feb 14th, 1992.  So, you can imagine from then until now, the range of events I have performed at.



Pricing will vary depending on the month, day of the week, additional services and equipment needed.

Because each wedding is unique and every couple has different needs, it’s difficult to give you an exact price. To determine prices, we want to be certain that our services are a perfect fit for you by listening to your needs. Then customize a wedding package to give you exactly what you want. An example of what would make the cost go up would be additional speakers or specialized lighting (which can really be a great way to set the mood, and be very different)

If you are unsure about how much you should set aside for DJ entertainment, Bridal experts & wedding magazines will suggest to set aside anywhere from 10 to 15% for professional wedding entertainment. Here is an article that many people have enjoyed:   “How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?”

From the first meeting until the end of your wedding night Josh is there when you need him and he devotes all the time necessary to do a great job for you. Every wedding is very important and is treated that way.

The next step is to connect, talk about you, and your vision of how we can create a truly fun and memorable wedding. You will be thrilled to hear how Josh can help make your wedding unique and one of the best celebrations you & your guests will ever attend.

There are no hidden costs and no additional fees for set up. Special pricing is available for off season and weekdays.

Contact us today to set up a FREE no obligation consultation. Choosing the entertainment should never be influenced by pressure or mis-conceptions about pricing vs. value.