About me

Thank you for letting me share the special occasions and moments in your life. My life is full of wonderful memories, and I look forward to meeting new people and creating new memories with you. Being a DJ has given me what has truly been some of the best memories of my life.

People often ask me how long I have been a Disc Jockey. Honestly that is easy to remember, it was Valentine’s day of 1992, and it changed my life. It was a dance for the middle school that I was attending. I had no idea that on that day I would step into the DJ booth and never step back out. Some people laugh as they picture me being a DJ at such a young age. But I feel lucky to have found something that I enjoy so much so early in life. Music has been in my family for generations. My family has taught me a great appreciation for a large range of music genres, and I have learned how an experienced Disc Jockey can use music to make any event even better. Music is my passion. I have been on two radio stations, and performed at countless weddings, company parties, pretty much if there is an event that could use a DJ it is somewhere in my resume.

As you are looking for a DJ, think about some of best times of your life, and I’m sure that you can think of songs that would go right along with those memories. I understand how important music is. As I get to know you, we will work together so that years from now, you along with your family and friends look back at your wedding, party or whatever you are planning, and remember it as one of their favorite memories they shared with you.

My goal is simple, it is to exceed my clients expectations. That is done by using my experience to make each wedding or event unique. Your wedding is my most important event. People hire me because they have a picture in their mind and I help them paint it. Because of the time we spend planning with our clients, quite often they become friends, and they refer their friends and family members to us. It is the biggest compliment that they could ever give me. It also keeps me very busy.