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The highest compliment that you can offer any company is to tell someone that you would recommend them. It may be the car you drive or the brand of washing machine you use, but saying you have used them and would suggest them to a friend is very meaningful. Having been around so many vendors, this page is dedicated to helping my clients by providing people that I feel are the best of the best. I have worked with them and have seen their work. Now, this will continue to be a work in progress, so I will continue to update it as I meet and work with new companies.

Universal Heart Ministry
I have never met a more caring person to help two people begin their lives as husband and wife, than
Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi
(801) 577-0542


Judge Frederic Oddone
Don’t just go to the courthouse, Judge Oddone will come to you
(801) 560-2739


Vintage Cars for Hire
Make a lasting impression and let everyone know you have arrived in style. Ask for Sam, he’ll make sure everyone knows “The Bride is Here”


Wedding Dresses
Women dream of their wedding dresses. To make your dreams come true, talk to Betsy with Modest Couture by Elizabeth




Dustin Izatt Photography



Tulips & Thyme
Kati Wagner


Wedding Video:

Chris Olpin


If you are in Chicago and need a wedding DJ or specialized lighting, please contact Jay with Fourth Estate Audio